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Welcome to the lively and humorous world of TTurban, the street artist who shakes up the art scene with lightness and a wink. We invite you to immerse yourself in a world where every brush stroke, every splash of color and every line radiates pure joy.

TTurban stands for art that is accessible and entertaining, art that puts smiles on faces and enriches everyday life with a pinch of humor and color. His works are a celebration of happiness, an escape from routine, an invitation to laugh and enjoy.

There are no heavy topics or complicated messages in TTurban's universe - this is about the uncomplicated joy of life. His artworks are living proof that art does not always have to be serious and profound to have an impact. They are simply cool, funny and absolutely refreshing.

Browse this website and discover TTurban's colorful world. Be inspired by his playful and original creations that transform the streets into open galleries. From mischievous characters to whimsical scenes, TTurban's art is a real eye-catcher that makes the world a little brighter and happier.

Come along on this colorful journey and experience how TTurban transforms city streets into canvases that tell stories of joy and fun. Let yourself be infected by his creativity and find your own smile in his works.



TTurban plays with elements of photorealism and caricature to create a character that appears to be part of both the real world and an imaginative, animated existence. The oversized ears, the precise shine in the eyes and the subtle shadows appear almost lifelike and give "Chilly" a three-dimensionality that captivates the viewer.


However, the true beauty of this work lies in its ability to evoke a universal connection. TTurban not only conveys a feeling of joy, but also of resilience. The mouse, in its simplicity, is a symbol of art itself - a creative force that can work wonders with the simplest of means.

Gang I

The use of bold colors and dense composition immediately draw attention and could invite viewers to think about individuality within the crowd. Each fish appears to have its own personality, demonstrated by their unique patterns and facial expressions. This could be seen as a reflection of human society, where each individual has their own identity, even if they are part of a larger community.

There is also a playful quality to the work, created by the oversized, expressive eyes and almost cartoon-like design of the fish. This style could aim to strengthen the connection between art and viewer through immediately accessible imagery.

Italian Chicken IIII.jpg

Italian Chicken III

"Italian Chicken III" by TTurban is a fascinating and humorous work that blurs the boundaries between street art and fine art. At first glance, the motif is reminiscent of a bizarre scene from an animated film that has been transferred into reality.

The choice of subject is also interesting - the chickens in a boat create an absurd and yet thought-provoking scene. One could read a social or environmental message into this, or it could be a simple play by the artist with conventions and expectations.

What makes “Italian Chicken III” special is its ability to translate the joy and freedom of street art into a captured composition. It is a work that takes street art out of the urban context and places it in a new, unexpected framework, which raises the question of what street art can be and where it finds its place. With this work, TTurban proves once again that street art is not only alive in the streets of cities, but wherever an artist decides to leave his mark.

Sheepy I

"Sheepy I" by TTurban is a fascinating fusion of street art techniques and a distinctly humorous motif that deviates from the urban origins of his art. The artwork depicts a sheep that is traditionally viewed as gentle and obedient, but here takes a surprising turn through the choice of depiction and the unmistakably human-like eyes.

The sheep's oversized eyes, coupled with the precise depiction of its woolly fur, give the animal an expressive presence. It is the candle on the sheep's head that gives the image an ironic touch and underlines TTurban's playful use of classic images and symbols. This humorous ornament plays on the idea of the sheep as innocent and harmless, adding a layer of comedy and levity.

The play of light and shadow enhances the theatrical feel of this portrait while showcasing the artist's masterful technique. The choice to incorporate such an unusual element as a candle demonstrates TTurban's pleasure in fusing opposites and creating images that are at once familiar and bizarre.

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